ESSENTIAL ingredients for healthy relationships in the busy world !! Have you got the right recipe?

In this busy world, we forget to take care of our loved ones, more often because we know they will always be there.

This happens a lot with couples today who love each other so much but with the busy schedules are left with little or no time for each other at the end of the day.

So what should you do if this is your story??

Treat a healthy relationship like a recipe and you will get it right. Below is a list of these essential ingredients for your recipe.

1. Make time for each other.

This is the most obvious one but also the one that we mostly fail to fulfill.

Making time for each other on a daily basis makes your relationship stronger and happier.

Don’t exhaust yourself at work by overtime, unless necessary. This will save you energy and time for him/her.

2. Make them feel special

This is very common one but seldom misunderstood. Making your loved one feel special doesn’t mean taking them on a holiday, or a high rated restaurant every time.

You can make them feel special by doing simple things like bringing them their favourite snack with a special note, or you can order a gift online named to them and surprise them. You can also cross out something on their wish list. (You need to know their heart for this one) Be creative. Plan date nights if you haven’t done before. Plan workout sessions together if you enjoy, or a candle night on the terrace. Bake or cook something for them as a surprise.

You should make your partner feel special regularly. This shows them how much they are important to you and that you care for their happiness.

3. Remember important dates.

This one is always hard for men but the ones who do it hold a special place in their partner’s heart.

Be it birthdays, anniversaries, or the first time you met. Remember these and you are good to go.

4. Compliment each other everyday

This one might seem hard to some, but do it. It makes a huge difference when you nourish someone with compliments.

Tell them how beautiful/handsome they look today. (You can use this one everyday) (see it’s easy)

Tell them you like what they did to their hair, or the new dress or the new beard style. This shows that you took time to notice even the small details about them.

This will surely put a smile on their face even on a not so happy day.

5. Trust and respect their decisions, don’t override them all the time.

A relationship is healthy when both respect each other’s choices.

You should understand that sometimes things may not happen the way you want them to. So be at peace, don’t force your decisions on the other one. Trust their decisions the way they trust yours.

6. Turn off your distractions

This one is a life-saving one, turn off your social media when you are with them. It can adversely affect your relationship when your partner is talking to you and you are busy scrolling your phone for updates.

This often makes one partner feel neglected and frustrated always. Know More

7. Always respect them and appreciate them in front of others.

Don’t ever show their faults to others and make them feel low, always keep up their respect and hide their faults. You can always bring up the matter for discussion in private.

Appreciation is always appreciated by your partner ❤️

Always talk the best about them in front of others, even if it is their or your friends or family. Appreciate their good qualities and don’t make fun of their mistakes along with others. It could be hurtful if you do so.

8. Protect them like a nut in the shell.

If you are in a relationship, your partner is your responsibility. Their self-respect should be important to you too. Don’t let anyone cross the line and be able to hurt them. Speak up when you have to. Don’t hesitate to protect them when they are right because that is the right thing to do.

Don’t leave them alone to deal with the world. Hold their hand and assure them you are with them no matter what it is.

9. Don’t compare them to other people

The grass looks greener on the other side. Respect their individuality and love them for who they are. Nobody is perfect, no matter how perfect someone you think appears to be. Truth is everyone has their own strength and weakness.

When you compare,you are actually telling your partner that they are not adequate for you. This will in-built feelings of resentment, envy, hatred etc.

Show acceptance to your partner for who they are. Celebrate their strengths and achievements.

Remind them you are proud of the person they are and love them even more each day.

These are the most essential ingredients for a healthy recipe, you can always add more as per your taste.

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  1. Relationships are complicated when we make them so. Here we are informed to be acquainted with the acts to show your love. Sometime we feel lost how to appreciate our loved ones be it your partner or family. Some good takeaways from the read.

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